In a land of mediocre Famous Jessicas (Biel, Simpson. Possibly Alba, although I kind of like her okay now and I don’t really know WHY), this particular Jessica (me) is pleased to see Chastain evening out the Cosmic Jessica Balance (I selfishly and perhaps inaccurately count myself on the side of the good, along with Wakefield [despite being fictional] and Tandy [despite being dead], and obviously Jessica Lange, who is the Boss of All the Jessicas, and in fact runs the quarterly Meeting of the Jessicas with a terrifying iron fist in a velvet glove, just as you would imagine if you watched her in American Horror Story). Chastain is talented and charming and likeable – at least in interviews. I admit she may be throwing uncorked bottles of ranch dressing at people in her personal life, although I doubt it — and because I like her, I ALWAYS want the best for her.

This is not PERFECT — it’s a little Depressive Cha Cha DiGregorio for me — but things could always be worse.

Just ask Jessica Lange's character in American Horror Story. Anyway. The dress:

  • I like it! I mean. It's not rocking my universe to the core, but it'll do. (66%, 4,391 Votes)
  • So is mine, but not in the good way. (31%, 2,067 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,695

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