In which it seems like Dior is basically all, “uh, sure, whatever. We don’t know. Um, we kinda actually forgot you had another movie coming out this year and accidentally took a real long nap after Mockingjay Part II: The One Where Everyone Hides In a Fur Leggings Emporium For Like 35 Pages came out. How about a nightgown? It’s a really nice nightgown. Just wear it. It’ll be fine. Listen, have you seen our Us Weekly? We have questions about Yolanda Foster.”

I mean…it’s fine? Weirdly, my reaction to this was, “she sort of looks like Amy Schumer here,” and when I took to The Google to find out if they are in fact playing sisters in that movie they’re writing together (they are), I learned that J Law allegedly wants them to wear literally identical dresses to the Golden Globes, where they are nominated in the same category. I ASSUME this was just a tongue-in-cheek piece of silliness — it seems like the sort of crack J Law would make — if only because I don’t know if you can honestly go ahead and prank the red carpet while you are also making an alleged fifteen to twenty million bucks for a deal that requires you to wear a specific luxury brand on the aforementioned red carpet, ostensibly because you wear it well. (I FIRMLY believe Jennifer Lawrence thinks the Hollywood dog and pony show is dumb, but she’s also smart enough to know that said dog and pony show is currently making her HELLA RICH.)

Whether she IS wearing it well is, of course, a point of much contention:

Sure! Fine! Whatever!

On the other hand, maybe she and Dior are BOTH just waiting out the end of this deal, and she’s deciding to go out with a BANG.

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