I’m not sure how I missed that Jennifer was at the GLAAD Awards, but… things happen. You look at enough celebs and your eyes start to cross.

I like the haircut — she’s also back to blonde, so I’m guessing this was the ritual Shedding of the Katniss, now that Catching Fire is officially in the can. I also enjoy that she has weird bruises on her leg, because that is a very normal-girl thing to have happen to you before a big event. Some coffee tables just refuse to stop LEAPING in front of our legs, you know? And the dress… I can’t decide. I should probably object to it for the way the use of netting makes the sleeves look like soft restraints, but actually, the damn thing looks pretty good on her, and at least it’s striking. Maybe I’m the one who needs soft restraints.

Diagnose me:

  • You are certifiably crazy for not HATING THIS (7%, 529 Votes)
  • You are certifiably crazy for not OUTRIGHT LOVING THIS (44%, 3,561 Votes)
  • You may be certifiably crazy, but actually, I agree with your indecision/lukewarm acceptance (49%, 4,008 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,098

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]