She’s ba-aaaack! Since she was pregnant, we haven’t really seen much of JanJo — which, sorry about that, but ever since ScarJo went all ballistic about abbreviated nicknames as if she’s the only person who ever had one, it’s had the effect of making me want to give them to everyone. Anyway, let’s welcome back January, IN January, in a democratic fashion.

If you looked at the shoe slideshow from earlier today, you’ve seen the footwear already, and you know that I don’t like them. But the sleeves would be new to you. Let’s discuss them. Initially I thought they were groovy. Then I thought, well, maybe they’re a little too trippy for me, like a Matisse painting on LSD. And then somehow I decided they’re matronly, which…. that reads ridiculous, but I think it has something to do with the length and the beaded cuffs. I can’t remember a time I have had so much internal debate about sleeves. The word “sleeve” suddenly doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. Sleeve. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve. Who invented the word sleeve? Some dude named Steve who signed his first ones and forgot to cross the T?


  • Sleeve! (23%, 1,880 Votes)
  • Sleeve...? (17%, 1,366 Votes)
  • SLEEVE FROWNY EMOTICON (61%, 5,005 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,252

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