Somehow, over the past couple of years, I grew to be a little doubtful about Isla Fisher. Let me explain the confluence of things that led up to this while you look at her:

a) she has been with Sasha Baron Cohen for a really long time, and he seems unbearable. So chances are that she is either also unbearable, or she doesn’t care if her partner is unbearable, both of which are problematic. His unbearability wore off on her for me. I know there are some of you who will point out that it’s only his CHARACTERS who are (intentionally) unbearable, but I think going around IN UNBEARABLE CHARACTER all the time makes YOU unbearable TOO.

b) I really hated Confessions of a Shopaholic. Really.

c) That interview she gave where she said she doesn’t understand why people keep getting her confused with Amy Adams, because Amy is so much larger than she is. A corollary: once you notice how often she mentions her tininess in interviews, it is all you will see. And I know she is a petite little person, but so is most of Hollywood, honestly. You could put most of them in your pocket.

That being said: I think she is very pretty and refreshingly non-generic looking, and I want her hair on my head. So we’re having relationship problems. And as for this dress? I thought to myself just now, “the weird thing is, I would totally wear that and yet it is leaving me cold here.” Maybe it’s the styling? Maybe because she’s been out of the spotlight for a long time, I wanted to see her in something Knock It Out of the Park Amazing, rather than just, “I might buy that at Bloomingdale’s and wear it to a wedding”? Maybe it’s that I really hate those shoes, even though I don’t actually mind a nude shoe. Maybe it’s Friday and I’m already checked out. What do you think?