From this angle, I really was like, “Oh, lord, this is going to be some kind of high-waisted bell-bottomed sailor pantsuit, and I am going to have to crank up some kind of clumsy mash-up of jokes about the Good Ship Lollipop and Studio 54.” Happily, that was not required. Can we count any other blessings? MAYBE. Yes. OR IS IT NO? … It’s not. I don’t think.

How would you grade the gown?

  • A - absolutely awesome (18%, 1,082 Votes)
  • B - bright and bewitching, but not baldly brilliant (47%, 2,824 Votes)
  • C - confusingly compelling, or compellingly confusing (15%, 910 Votes)
  • D - dumb but not a disaster (12%, 749 Votes)
  • F - FUG. (7%, 451 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,018

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