I had a conversation with some friends this weekend, and we all agreed that if we came home and our boyfriends were like, “Honey, I’m leaving you for Helen Mirren,” we’d all be like, “….Yeah. I can’t argue with that.”

Which is why I’m putting this up to a vote despite the fact that IT’S INSANE. I really don’t want to see anyone wearing a starred bra-top connected to her skirt with stretch-lace. It’s like Madonna got stuck in one of those episodes of Saved By the Bell where Tiffani-Amber Thiessen spent the whole time looking like she was either coming from or going to a step aerobics class. If this were on anyone else, I would just say, “I CAN’T.” But Helen Mirren is awesome. So….

...CAN I?

  • YOU CAN NOT. This is a hot mess. (71%, 8,558 Votes)
  • You CAN. She is DIVINE in this. (15%, 1,775 Votes)
  • You might be able to. Let me think about it. (15%, 1,794 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,128

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