First of all, I’d love it if someone could explain to me why Heidi Klum is naked on a poster for a show that is all about clothes:

It surely isn’t because she’s Heidi Klum, and has a great body and Lifetime suddenly thought their main audience was composed solely of Maxim subscribers. I’m sure Tim Gunn is ALSO naked on HIS poster, because they’re making a clever statement about how — as Brick Berlin always says — an actor is naked without his clothes (and therefore the role of the clothing-maker is a vital cog in the Hollywood machine, etc etc). Right? Surely he is!  OH WAIT OF COURSE HE ISN’T.

I have concerns.

But let’s take a look at what Miss Heidi wore to GMA to promote Runway this week. She is fully clothed, I can tell you that much.

Okay, as those of you who follow us on Twitter know (we’re @FugGirls), I LOVE animal print. I am currently waiting for a package from my dear friends at J Crew that contains: a leopard print shirt, a leopard print sweater, and a leopard print pencil skirt. I keep saying that at least one of those items is going back, but I might be lying.

I do, however, promise not to wear them all at the same time. That being said…while this is a lot of simulated flesh, I kind of enjoy it.

What say you?

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