It’s indecisiveness day on GFY. But every time I tried to come to a definite opinion on this, I wavered.

First read: I like it. So cute, so summery, great updo, and good deployment of the hot pink lipstick trend. Girl crush re-certified.

Then I saw another angle:

1) Is it too baggy?

2) Does the collar look a bit like she’s about to enlist at Starfleet Academy and get the sleeves and pants to go with it?

3) If yes, to either or both: Does it even matter?


  • It does not matter: it's cute regardless (30%, 2,416 Votes)
  • It does not matter, because it's blah regardless (40%, 3,185 Votes)
  • It does matter. I liked it and now I'm kind of unsure. (29%, 2,276 Votes)
  • it does matter: It makes the whole thing work. (1%, 102 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,980

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