Elle Fanning is wearing a Victorian Valentine of a dress. Behold the bodice:

Like, you could totally expect to open an envelope and find that looking back at you in February, if your suitor is of an olde-timey bent. It truly has everything: embroidery! Birds! Flowers! Stripes! Embossing! It’s like Paper Source started hanging out in an opium den.

Here’s the whole thing:

I can’t even talk about the shoes. They’re Sophia Petrillo For Dress Barn and I can’t take them. That said, I am about to announce something rather potentially crazy, which is that I think SOMEONE could get away with this dress. Elle is very pretty (and, I think, a very talented actor), but she tends to fall back on these colors, and I never think they do her justice. Look — she might not care. She might just love the detailing on this. It might be, as I discussed yesterday vis a vis Duchess Kate, a F*ck It Dress. (Which is when you know what you’re wearing is kind of crazy and you JUST DON’T CARE). But that doesn’t keep me from thinking that I might really want to see it on someone else. Someone whose coloring it will suit better, and who has that kind of Upscale Coachella vibe. Like, Vanessa Hudgens? Is that CRAZY?

[Photo: Getty]