I’m truly torn on this.

Her left wrist needs adorning, and it might be more flattering in a longer length, but I LOVE that she wore gold shoes with it — and not for nothing, that top makes me think of Ichabod Crane’s coat. Anything that crosses Sleepy Hollow with a red carpet is something I have to at least consider loving. They should send him to Fashion Week next season; he might be comfortable because he’d be the least strangely attired person there.

is the garment in question to your liking, sirs and madams?

  • Indeed it is! JOLLY FINE. (20%, 740 Votes)
  • 'Tis average garb, at best. (55%, 2,009 Votes)
  • IT IS AN OUTRAGE. I DEMAND A DUEL. (25%, 905 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,654

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[Photo: WENN]