It’s a Friday, it’s our birthday (more on that later), and it’s almost the start of a very much needed long weekend here in the US. And we haven’t had Diane and Pacey on the blog for at LEAST…a week? How have we all muddled through, I ask you? Anyway, I continue to be SUPER JEALOUS of the fact that they seem to be spending the summer going to parties in Paris. Let’s stuff down the roiling envy and look at their outfits.

Does it work for you?

  • I love it, just as is. (37%, 2,725 Votes)
  • I just....why the sheerness? WHY? WHY? Without that, it's PERFECTION. (39%, 2,875 Votes)
  • I think it's heinous, regardless. (13%, 932 Votes)
  • I wish to remain uncommited. (11%, 795 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,327

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