At first, this made me all eye-rolly.

But at least it’s not AS costumey as Hailee Steinfeld’s ensemble, and the pattern might be good… you know, maybe it’s better that both of them went twee with it. Maybe the only way to sell a collar that massive is to go full I’m The Cover Of A Young Adult Book About A Girl Who Goes To Boarding School And Ends Up Finding Baguettes, Berets, and A Boyfriend. Like the opening of The Mary Tyler Moore Show except she’d be flinging her hat up next to the Eiffel Tower and twirling a wheel of brie.

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  • Fug (17%, 1,292 Votes)
  • Fab (26%, 1,943 Votes)
  • Fab but only in that awesome costumey way that she pulls off (57%, 4,333 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,569

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