Riding high on almost winning Fug Nation’s Best-Dressed at the Emmys, Christina Hendricks takes a floral fashion risk:

First, I want to take those shoes off her body and set them on fire and throw them into a volcano and then call upon the powers of the winds and the earth to cause the volcano to erupt and then dig them out of the hot molten lava and set them on fire AGAIN and then feed them to a bear. Your dress has approximately 547 colors in it, lady! You could have Done More With Your Feet.

As far as the dress goes, this is full-on wallpaper. But, as regular readers know, I love wallpaper. I totally aspire to dress like some of the craziest walls in town. So I think it’s fun and kind of fabulous…and I also know that I am saying that as someone who has serious Crazy Aunt tendencies as far as certain things are concerned, and perhaps cannot be trusted. So what do you think?

[Photo: Getty]