It was mere weeks ago that I made fun of Carly Rae Jepsen on these very pages when I noted that, fifteen years from now, she would totally be the person from this year’s Wango Tango who we’d all go, “I don’t even know who that IS” and then I compared her to Ashlee Simpson. I have to say: I kind of stand by that. I also have to say, though, that not a week goes by that I don’t burst into a random line from “Call Me Maybe” while, like, washing the dishes or painting my toenails. When I said it was “freakishly catchy,” I don’t know that I put that sufficiently strongly. THAT SONG IS CATCHING LIKE TYPHOID.  I have danced MANY a car dance to it. I have hit “repeat” on it MANY a time. I embrace it.  And I invite you — if you haven’t yet — to watch the Harvard baseball team lip sync to it. No. I promise. Watch it.

Are you back? Let’s look at the girls.

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