Remember when they were trying to make Camilla Belle here happen?

Like, she was in that movie about a girl with great eyebrows who chased dinosaurs, or whatever 10,000 B.C was about, and then she dated a Jonas for a while — remember the Jonas Brothers? I heard on the radio yesterday that one of them has a new single, called “Just in Love,” but the way Ryan Seacrest was pronouncing it, I thought it was called “Justin Love” and it was a plea for Justin Timberlake to stop acting and start making another album — and now she’s in a whole bunch of other movies that sound terrible, and, frankly, I think the best way for her to REALLY help make herself happen would be, in fact, if she dated Justin Timberlake.  YES that just came to me like a heavenly vision.  Date JT, and maybe get into a big old fight with poor Jessica Biel (start writing insults based on the fact that J Biel now only makes movies about major holidays, Camilla — that will stick in the old girl’s craw), and then start wearing clothes that are either INCREDIBLY HIDEOUS or totally gorgeous, not stuck in the netherworld between fug and fab like this number.

While we're on the subject:

  • it's fug. (63%, 5,223 Votes)
  • it's fab. (12%, 968 Votes)
  • I WANT HER SHOES. (25%, 2,054 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,247

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