With all the focus on Rooney Mara’s clothes, and her hair color, and the length of her bangs, and whether I am rampantly and unforgivably anti-short hair (I am not, at all), somebody got lost in the shuffle: Daniel Craig. Granted, the movie is not called The Man Whose Physical Description Nobody Can Quite Remember But For Sure He Has Tons Of Sex And His Name Makes For An Excellent Substitute Curse Word, but still. Blomqvist was there. Let’s see what he brought to the party. Also: Try yelling it next time you stub your toe. BLOMQVIST. It works.

What are you thinking?

  • Naughty things. (41%, 2,339 Votes)
  • Love the wardrobe (20%, 1,143 Votes)
  • Eh (14%, 830 Votes)
  • No, Daniel, no! (3%, 184 Votes)
  • REALLY naughty things (22%, 1,275 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,772

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