Man, I gotta say that I kind of feel for The Hath right now:

It can not be easy to go out stumping for a movie that is already basically a total flop. I feel like the whole time you’d be thinking, “what is the POINT? WHY AM I HERE? Oh, wait. We need the money from the European markets to make this not a total failure. Okay, SMILE ANNIE. SMILE. Do whatever they want. Rap awkwardly? You got it. Cartwheels? In this dress? I can make it work.  Is Franco around anywhere? Do you want us to do that thing where he acts totally stoned and checked out and embarrassed and I act totally hyper and invested and embarrassed? We can do that. Did you know that, actually, the only thing James and I have in common is that we will do ANYTHING? It’s pretty much true. Shit. This whole thing is going terribly. Is it my accent? It was my accent, right? Was it? Remember that time my boyfriend turned out to be TERRIBLE and you all liked me? Think about that for a while. If you want, I can totally go back to that hair-do. If it helps. Will that help?”

“What about the delicate and beautiful detailing on my dress? Is that helping at all? Does that make you want to see my movie? It might, right?”

Indeed, what do we think of this dress?

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  • Meh. (43%, 3,357 Votes)
  • TERRIBLE! (10%, 777 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,775

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