I have missed the erstwhile Drunkface, AnnaLynne McCord. She ended up being the ONLY good part about the 90210 toward the end, and now she’s on Dallas, which hopefully will let her get embroiled with Judith Light’s character, given that Angela is the boss…OF A WHOREHOUSE and she’s also ON DRUGS (just recreationally. I think) and she is amazing and terrible in a wonderful way and that will be so juicy and soapy. At any rate, she’s out and about and it pleases me:

But therefore I can’t tell if I actually like this because I like it, or because I have just figured out a whole plotline for her that involves taking over the whorehouse and then falling in love with the Texas Ranger who comes to take her down. (This assumes that she lives through the cliffhanger at the end of last season; I actually can’t remember if she’s hovering between life and death in the time between the seasons or not. Suffice: that show is awesome and you should watch it.) What do you think? Please do weigh in.

[Photo: WENN]