Thanks to her role in W.E., and what I have decided was a careful apprenticeship under Madonna’s sartorial wing, Andrea Riseborough burst on our scene last year and straight to a Fug Madness seed. But she’s been quiet since, until now.

I don’t love the trapezoid of netting — such things have their place, and usually, that place is on the ice while Scott Hamilton plotzes — and I wondered if her makeup was a hair off, but I didn’t really have any feelings one way or the other here until I saw the back.

It’s a DISCO CAPE. I am really, really hard-pressed to abhor a disco cape. I do wish the front of the dress had earned a bit more the twinkling payoff of the back, and increasingly I’m concerned her makeup artist used the word “kabuki” to describe tonight’s facial theme. But… DISCO CAPE. Those words have power it would be irresponsible to ignore.

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