I am very, very curious to see W.E. — not only because it’s Madonna’s directing debut, but because I think it’s an inherently fascinating story that should be hard to screw up, and yet it’s getting terrible reviews. Also, every time I see the title, I think of A.I. and the WE network, as if Madonna has made a movie about fembot bridezillas who live in a house with Sinbad. (No, really, Sinbad has a WE TV show. This is happening.)

Anyway, it’s my understanding that Andrea here is somewhat beloved for various roles before this one — I have not seen her in any of them, but last time I featured her and referred to her in vague terms, there was an uprising in the comments — and this dress will certainly do a lot to make her more memorable to me and others who aren’t familiar with her resume. Why am I starting with a photo of the back? Well, all the fun is in the reveal, isn’t it? Nobody wants to see Mr. Hyde before they’ve met the good doctor.

Thoughts, please!

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