Maddie Ziegler, aka The Dancer in Those Sia Videos, gets to make a cameo here because this was the only shot of Amy Poehler in these shoes.

And I’ll get to the shoe thing in a second, but first: I quite liked the dress when I saw it in thumbnail and my mind leapt to all kinds of wrong conclusions, like that it was sequined. (I’m not actually sure the reality of that would have worked, but whatever, don’t bruise my sad brain.) I like the chipper stripes — she won for her voice work in Inside Out as Joy, and this FEELS joyful — and I think it’s a nice example of a celeb picking something comfortable and event-appropriate but not slovenly. She and I may have the same issue with Polo-style cuts, though, namely that things start to get a little boxy up in the chestal region. So in the end I don’t know that this was the most FLATTERING choice, which is a bummer.

The shoes, though: I love that she went adventurous, even if the neon yellow doesn’t QUITE jibe with the mustard color of the collar and sleeve trim. But interestingly, she didn’t even keep these on for that long. She didn’t walk the red carpet (sigh) so there was this shot in the green room, and then a bunch of audience shots…

… in which she’s got these on instead. Did her feet get tired? Did she have to walk through slime? Also, these seem… I mean, their color is WHOLLY off, for me, and the vibe is orthopedic. I want to lend her my gold Boden Oxfords with this outfit. Wouldn’t that have been better?

[Photos: Getty]