Amy Adams looks so gorgeous in the American Hustle previews. I feel like she’s becoming one of those people who can’t do a movie without getting an Oscar nod for it, which is great for her, because she has to stake her claim in the Porcelain-Skinned Redhead market now that Jessica Chastain has come on so strong.

Here, her head-styling might be a trifle understated, but I’m more interested in the dress: I loved it until I realized it has a zipper that goes all the way down the front. It doesn’t really need one more thing, does it? I mean, obviously it has to zip somewhere, but maybe a hidden zipper in the back would’ve been the move. I’m all about the hidden zipper, and in fact, The Hidden Zipper sounds like a good name for something. If not a band, or an album, then a bar. And also the signature shot AT said bar. If this were a Freaky Fug Friday giveaway, I would ask you to create that shot in the comments, but… well, even if there’s no prize, want to do it anyway?

And then there is Elisabeth Rohm. What can one say about this outfit? It’s a hideous Yuletide jumpsuit, as if Santa’s saucy lady-elves — the ones Mrs. Claus hates because they’re always getting handsy with Santa’s bowlful of jelly — are going through a disco period. She deserves better than whatever polterwang and wedgie this seems likely to provide — two items that are on nobody’s Christmas list this year, unless you are stocking up to hand them out to other people.

[Photo: Getty]