I’m not sure what it is about Paula here, but somehow she always looks more cheesy than elegant to me.

The word I keep coming to is “unexciting.” The hair is unexciting. The makeup, in trying to be exciting, is unexciting. The dress is unexciting. The studded shoes are mildly exciting but I’m already at a low ebb by the time I get there.  The underliny mini is the kind of tiny and tight thing I expect to see on a waitress at a very tony, pompous South Beach hotel bar, and wrapping it in the netting is more Olympic than anything else. And while I’ll grant that the proximity of the Winter Olympics is super exciting to me, that is not the same feeling as being excited by this outfit. I’m unexcited, and I just can’t hide it. My eyes are both about to roll ’cause I just don’t like it. Oh yeah.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]