Okay, first of all: Amanda here is in Westwood, my college town, and standing right in front of an establishment WELL LOVED by Bruins of all ages. Diddy Riese sells cookies for THIRTY=FIVE CENTS EACH. (When I was in college, they were only a quarter, because I’m old.) Huge cookies! The size of a man’s hand! My favorites were the oatmeal raisin, and the chocolate/white-chocolate and, you guys, I don’t even LIKE white chocolate. Ice cream sandwiches for $1.75! That place is AWESOME. There also used to be this amazing sandwich shack that isn’t there anymore, which we all — like, everyone, not just my friends — called Buck Fifty, because the sandwiches were $1.50. Buck Fifty + Diddy Riese = dinner for $2. THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

Anyway, now that my epic ode to cheap collegiate eats is over, here’s Amanda:

You CAN eat a lot of ice cream sandwiches comfortably in that thing. I want to come down on the side of “It’s Not Terrible.” But that might just be because it’s also not this.

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