It’s always fun and illuminating to see what people decided to put in their shopping carts over the course of a month. From my data…we are not moving to hard pants any time soon.

1. Cotton joggers continue to have a hold on us all. The ones I linked to originally are out of stock, but — listen, Target is never gonna let you down when it comes to this category. [Target]

2. These color-blocked sweatshirts were also a big hit. [Target]

3. I am DELIGHTED that so many of you bought this sassy faux fur coat. (This is also from Target! I feel like we’re all very much missing the pre-pandemic experience of wandering Target in a fugue state, randomly putting little delights in our cart and then going into shock when we realized how much money we just tried to spend. Where else am I supposed to buy random candles, for one thing?) The specific colorway I linked to is sold out — it was a leopard print. This is similar.

4. These origami fox earrings! They continue to smash it. (And this reminds me to write that post about animal jewelry! I’m putting it on the list for next week.) [Etsy]

5. These super cute pink ceramic mugs were correctly popular. I want a pair, too. [Etsy]

6. I linked to this cute heart-covered pillow last year too — it’s now officially a hit across years! [Target]

7. Y’all went nuts for this tiled nut bowl. (Get it? I hope so. That was a very direct joke.) It’s super low stock and might be out by the time you read this, but they also have mugs! [Anthro]

8. This rosemary and lavender wreath probably smells amazing; a bunch of you bought one, so please let me know if this is an accurate assumption. [Etsy]

9. Several of you also picked up a tie-dyed sweatshirt, presumably to go with your joggers? Be cozy! [Etsy]

10. Finally, this houndstooth coat from Nordstrom went home with several of you.

In less granular info, y’all were pretty into the J.Crew sale and the big Boden sale; the Boden one is over but J.Crew is still running their up-to 50% off sale prices situation. I picked some cute stuff from that sale, while we’re here:

The sale is the sort that you can get the discount off that price there in the widget at checkout. Go forth and enjoy!

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