Let’s all prepare for a Super Bowl featuring two of the best helmets in the NFL by looking at famous folks in cute jackets. (As a native Los Angeleno, I am a Rams fan, so this is exciting for me! But I also really like the Bengals, and I also like Patrick Mahomes and I like the 49ers! So this past weekend involved a Sunday of Teams I Felt Good About. Once Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were out, this whole thing was golden. No disrespect to you Bucs/Packers fans, some of whom I am directly related to and who will probably send me an irritated text about this!)

Note: None of the many photogs at the Bengals/Chiefs game grabbed a snap of a celebrity, but I’m sure there¬†were celebrities at that game. There are famous people in/from/for Kansas City/Cincinnati!¬† Paul Rudd, where were you?!

[Photos: London Entertainment/Shutterstock]