We’ve had so many holiday-themed shopping posts over the last few months, from the annual GFY Gift Guide to my unhinged take on Christmas decorations, this fun collection of Hanukkah stuff, and my round-up of winter party looks! And now, at last, one of my favorite shopping posts of the year: Our annual tartan extravaganza! (Tartanza?)

As ever, I feel duty-bound to inform you that J.Crew is having a very big sale, which might be helpful if you’re still doing your gift shopping (as I, um……definitely am). They’re always a good stop for items of tartan and plaid — as is J.Crew Factory, which is ALSO having a sale — and, indeed, they’ve got everything, from this really cute skirt to your classic pj bottoms to this plaid sheath dress to this blazer that I sincerely want and which is currently half off. I would be quite derelict in my duties if I didn’t note that J.Crew factory, in particular, has a LOT of tartan for your dog. Doesn’t your dog maybe need a plaid bow tie???

This might also be the best place for me to confess that every year, I almost buy this very festive tartan duvet cover and sheet set for the holidays. Do I strictly need it….? No. Would it make my bedroom FESTIVE???? Yes! (Pottery Barn, in fact, is chockablock with plaid at the moment. Look at these cute plates!) Speaking of stuff you might not technically actually need, I’m sure some of you would like a toboggan with a plaid cover. (PLEASE tell me if you decide to buy a toboggan on my suggestion.)

There’s a ton of other plaid and tartan-y things herein but I can’t let you go without reminding you that these LL Bean plaid moccasins are one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten and someone you love might want toasty feet too. Also! I highly recommend plaid wrapping paper if you’re into that sort of thing.

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