The theme of all these slideshows is rapidly becoming, “I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED A DECADE AGO,” and/or, “I FORGOT THAT PERSON EXISTED.” Case in point: I cannot believe Sandra Bullock won all these awards ten years ago, and also, I totally forgot her gross husband Jesse James existed. I also might have forgotten about The Blind Side entirely.

The Golden Globes in 2010 gave film honors to Avatar — over The Hurt Locker, Precious, Up In The Air, and Inglourious Basterds — and, wait for it, The Hangover, which was nominated against (500) Days of Summer, It’s Complicated (!!), Nine (!!!!), and Julia & Julia (which is terrible but I always turn it on if I see it on cable because there is one scene where Chris Messina houses some really delicious-looking bruschetta and it’s the best part of the movie and it makes me hungry). So basically we are ten years removed from freaking Avatar and there are approximately forty sequels that are all in progress and DOES ANYBODY CARE other than James Cameron and I guess the people who handed him all that money for them? Supposedly Avatar 2 is coming out in December of 2020. WE’LL SEE.

You are also going to laugh at the comedy actor nominees, because pickings seemed slim enough that Robert Downey Jr. won for the Guy Richie Sherlock Holmes, which wasn’t awful but also whaaaaat? Matt Damon should’ve had that for The Informant, I think. Ah, that was a fun dive into the HFPA. Now let’s get to the clothes.

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