Here’s the thing. One of these is great, and the other is….kind of a disaster, but that still means she’s hitting .500 today. If she were a baseball player, we’d be wetting ourselves with joy.

Let’s start with the good one, shall we? It’s Peter Som (it does feel related to Julie Bowen’s great Emmys dress from same) and I think it’s fab:

Half the time, she dresses like she’s a slightly deranged senior seminar art teacher at an expensive, unconventional prep school who is suspected of once having killed a man MAYBE ACCIDENTALLY at a key party. This is more the groovy senior seminar art teacher who invites you over for guacamole on her well-landscaped back patio, overlooking her pool, where the margaritas are cold and the gossip is good. She should stick to that one.

Earlier, however, we had….well. A thing happened:

The real tragedy is that this could have been super cute on her if it fit. As it is, it’s eating her alive. I once worked for a man whose mood we could glean from his ensembles at the office — if he was wearing one particular get-up, we knew he was cranky — and I feel like this too seems like a sartorial mood ring. I’M BUMMED, it says.