First of all, I LOVE the effect this step-and-repeat — it’s a digital one, right? — is having on Amy Adams’ head.

If it IS digital, then that’s probably a really bad idea going forward, because it’s going to render weirdly in photos AND on video. Regardless, the thing is giving her hair a neon outline akin to one of the muses in the seminal ’80s fromagefest Xanadu, which by the way I really need to fug for you at some point. It’s almost too mammoth a project. Anyway, all the muses live in (and behind) a mural on Venice Beach but sometimes they come alive and roller-skate around L.A. sheathed in neon light, before zapping themselves to an artist in need. If they ever remade Xanadu — WHICH THEY WON’T BECAUSE IT’S PERFECT and also it was awful — then Amy would be a great replacement for Olivia Newton-John. Let’s get Amy that Oscar.

As for the dress, I really love it. In theory. The bodice is looking a BIT like toilet-paper vandalism, and I’m not sure the open and unstructured style works as well on fuller-chested ladies. I mean, her chest is still hella perky, but a little more support might’ve been more flattering. (I’d have been curious to see this on Kerry Washington.)(NOTE: I just looked up the runway version, which we covered in January, and at which time I ALSO flagged it for Kerry Washington. Consistency!) Still, the butterfly skirt is really unusual and cool, and once again her hair is a revelation, AND it gave me an excuse to talk about Xanadu, so I’d call that pretty damn close to a win.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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