I am living through a situation right now where the fire alarm is going off at my apartment building A LOT. We’ve all had to evacuate like five times in the last month. Given the recent terrible wildfires here in California, and just the general 2020ness of the world, this has been less than relaxing. (It was only a fire once; my upstairs neighbor’s dishwasher caught on fire??? The rest of the time, it was bizonkers stuff like people shoving too much garbage down the trash chute, or someone’s only quasi-legal balcony terrace garden irrigation system exploding.) And this look on Irina to me feels like something you’d throw together when you’re laying around in your Juicy sweatsuit peacefully reading the Real Housewives subReddit when the alarm goes off for the upteenth time and you have to jam out of the building, but the closest shoes are ones you wore to dinner that last time, back in March.

These thoughts are brought to you by a woman who threw her nicest coat on over her nightgown on Sunday night and pretended it was an intentional look.

(Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)
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