Katee is on The Mandalorian (here and there, if IMDB is to be believed) and has a sci-fi series on Netflix; presumably one of those is the reason she’s on Hallmark’s Home & Family, unless she also did one of their movies and someone purged it from her page. Anything is possible, but there is no shame in Hallmark. It’s where Murder, She Wrote, lives forever. It’s actually probably a great living, too. Lower pressure, but affectionate fans. Anyway, the point is, she showed up in a black outfit that was fairly boring, but posed for two photos in a Santa Claus cape. Is it hers? Is it a set prop? Is it a tree skirt that she or someone else repurposed? I don’t know, but a) who cares; it’s cheerful and cute, and b) if Covid goes another year I will totally be making capes out of tree skirts I bought on Etsy, so GET READY. Maybe I’ll do it no matter what.

[Photo: Getty]