Sophia Bush went to the Total Recall premiere last night, and looking at her there sent me down a What Has Sophia Bush Won Lately? rabbit hole. I’m glad she has a job — a new CBS sitcom that looks kind of questionable, but also has Michael Urie, whom I love, and Brandon Routh, whose face I love — because she goes everywhere, and that means: material.  I am, however, saddened that this show will not involve someone’s heart getting eaten by a dog, and while I think Sophia was good on One Tree Hill (sincerely, and especially back when they let Brooke be a crazy bitch who painted the word WHORE on her best friend’s prom dress and also punched her in the face), I have my doubts that she is actually sitcom-style comedic. (I was about to say that I actually feel the same way about her co-star David Krumholtz until I remembered that he is kind of great in Ten Things I Hate About You, which is actually kind of great all around.) Please bear in mind that this is a woman who went to so many fashion shows that we actually named an award after her, for the most ubiquitous starlet of the Fashion Week, as we look at her recent press junket-y fashion parade.

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