This is model Le Call, who I have decided I love because she has: a) gotten in a lawsuit over a $1000 umbrella some dude loaned her (rightly, she pointed out that is is insane to even have a $1000 umbrella) and b) she accepts random gifts of bikes from celebrity chefs, which seems like the kind of story that will be best told when she is an old lady. “See, kids, once I was a young model and people would not stop giving me things. Like bikes, and bizarrely overpriced umbrellas. And vacations, although that sort of sounds a little unseemly. Turn on the TV now, it’s time for my stories.” ANYWAY.

Apparently, she also woke up in the middle of the night about a week ago and realized that now Erin Wasson is working with Rachel Zoe, there’ s a Red Carpet Vacuum. Category: Crazily Dressed Model. I hope to see more models fighting it out for dominance here, frankly.  Go big or go home, girls.