Some fancy-pants style awards took place in New York as a precursor to Fashion Week, and it marked Katie Holmes’ first big red carpet appearance since the divorce.

Disappointing, right? She’s younger than I am, but she’s dressed — though tastefully and all — like a society matron. I’d hoped that for her first time out she’d blow us away with something unexpected and funky and maybe even sexy in a way it never seemed like she was allowed to be when she was on Team Cruise. Caveat: She was there to present something to Carolina Herrera, and therefore is probably wearing Carolina Herrera. But she also is wearing something that it looks like Carolina Herrera — who is 73 — handed over out of her own closet.  You don’t HAVE to wear a collared shirt just because Herrera always does, AND the shirt and the skirt don’t even seem to be playing nice together. I want to separate them and put them both in time out to think about their transgressions… then give them a hug and a cookie and send them off to play baseball in the yard. Look, I’m not a total tyrant.

[Photo: Getty]