I definitely don’t outright dislike this.

But, that’s mostly because there’s not much here to work me up, either into a froth of glee or a foaming rage. Now, I FULLY understand not wanting to go full vamp at the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere, given that everyone who goes in to see the movie will be watching you have complicated sex for two hours. But I do wish, given how laughable some are expecting this movie to be, that she’d gone really dreamy and elegant, rather than this serviceable buttoned sheath that’s basically One Single Shade of Milquetoast.

What are YOUR feelings?

  • I clearly love it. My inner goddess is doing jazzercise. (22%, 765 Votes)
  • I am clearly disappointed in it. My inner goddess is eating her feelings and yelling at a rerun of "Frasier." (43%, 1,496 Votes)
  • I'm full of emotional grey areas about this. My inner goddess just walked out on me because I can't decide anything. (35%, 1,234 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,495

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