I could NOT figure out why Eva was getting a Walk of Fame star right this second; it’s a bit of a fallow time in her career. (Not that I don’t like Eva Longoria; it’s just that these things are bought and paid for, and it seemed like hugely random timing.) Then I realized it’s because she’s in the Overboard remake that’s coming out May 4, and may be limited in how else she can promote it because she and Kate Middleton seem to be in a two-person race to the birthing suite. ┬áIt was a feel-good lightbulb moment for my brain.

Also, I’m extremely curious about this remake. I adore the original Overboard, but that’s because I saw it during its era; it doesn’t stand the test of time — most ’80s movies don’t — because it’s frankly pretty creepy that a dude tricks an amnesiac into mothering his children and doing all his housework. He basically emotionally tortures and neglects her, and his kids, just for kicks because she was rude to him, and then we’re supposed to later be like, “Aw, but it’s because he’s an angel man who works nights!” BOO, Dean. BOO. Weak excuse for all the shit you told this poor blank slate of a lady who fell off a ship.

Anyway, I read something in which Eva, I believe, referred to the gender-flipped remake (Eugenio Derbez is Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell’s character is now Anna Faris) as being genius and contemporary, as if that’s a way around the problem, and it is… but it also leads into a bit of a ditch, because Woman Tricks Man Into Being Her Husband Because She Can’t Do It Herself is not without problems either. I’ll hear it out, but I’m not convinced this one shouldn’t have stayed forever in the time capsule that is the 1980s.

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