First of all, I swear she’s worn this before, but I think I’m wrong. It only feels like she’s worn this before, because she wear stuff like this often (indeed, her archives are chockablock with black and white, and also pants). Let’s start off with the good:

She’s often so serious looking on the red carpet, it felt nice to start off with a smile, and with DAME JUDI DENCH, no less. Here’s the whole look, though:

I mean…it’s not BAD. How bad could it honestly be, you know? It’s black pants and a white top. But it’s also kinda inching close to the sort of black pants/white top combo your extremely saucy septuagenarian aunt might wear during cocktail hour at her place in Palm Springs over New Year’s. Which ALSO isn’t bad, if you are an extremely saucy septuagenarian handing out Harvey Wallbangers out by the pool and letting all the kids take a sip. In fact, it’s all around awesome in that cause and I probably want to go to that party. But “sassy, rich, possibly alcoholic retiree” would perhaps not necessarily be my own personal vision for Emma.  At least, not yet.

[Photos: Getty]