ALL HAIL! Emma is one of the few celebrities I would be excessively distressed to learn was secretly terrible (FWIW, I have only heard good things, and when she’s done stuff that’s side-eye-worthy, she’s often fixed it; she is one of the few celebs who removed her name from a petition supporting Polanski after speaking to a student, for example). She wrote Sense & Sensibility! She threatened to quit Brideshead Revisited when they told Hayley Atwell to lose weight! She bounced back from Kenneth Branagh leaving her for Helena Bonham Carter by marrying Greg Wise — the very man she cast as the (ill-advised) dreamboat in her film! She brought me this moment, which has never not made me cry:



She also is wearing these very great shoes. They are Stella! SHE’S MAKING STELLA WORK!

[Photo: Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock]