Royal-watching friends! We have a great deal of material coming our way over the next few days — Harry and Meghan came out this morning (they were supposed to be accompanied by Camilla, but she’s been sick with “a chest infection.” Those are not sarcastic quotes, they are direct quote quotes); Wills and Kate also had an event today (which we’ll get to later);  Meghan has something else on tomorrow; and then everyone has a whole bunch of stuff for Remembrance Day over the weekend. (That’s like British Veteran’s Day, essentially.) I hope they’ve all been resting up. But let’s get started!

Harry and Meghan came out to a Remembrance Day event at Westminster Abbey today, which traditionally kicks off the Remembrance Day Weekend events — Harry used to go to this on his own, but obviously I can see why Meghan is coming now, and it makes sense that Camilla was invited, as Camilla is traditionally VERY adept at any event with old men. H&M also had an event yesterday that was embargoed until….I guess this morning? I saw a Tweet about it late last night here, so morning in the UK. We didn’t get a ton of pics of that, but I will toss the one I did get at the end here. It too brought another good coat!

And speaking of, I see that London is in full-on coat season (especially for someone born in Los Angeles [don’t yell at me for that comment, am a Los Angeles native! We have thin blood! Meghan was probably freezing the entire time she lived in Toronto!]) and god bless, because we’re getting this extremely fab Sentaler coat from her today. Per a variety of Meghan Watchers on Twitter, it is old, but she hasn’t worn it on Duchess duties yet. So it’s a re-wear in the grand scheme of, you know, her LIFE, but new to us. Whatever, I do love it. I also LOVE the boots; they are Tamara Mellon, they also come in brown, and I kind of want them.

This is lovely:

This is very sweet:

There is, of course, also video. Thanks, Wabbey!

This must be so moving in person:

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