“Oh NO,” I said to my laptop. “It’s the big Sephora sale.” I cannot resist The Big Sephora Sale (not the official name, but they don’t have these site-wide sales very often and thus to me, they’re always The Big Sephora Sale). This is the one where Sephora members get 10%-20% off nearly everything they sell. (You can sign up to be a member here, but as I noted the last time I covered this sale, you probably already are one, if you’ve ever ordered anything from there. The sale code is the same for everyone: HOLIDAYSAVE. Explanatory PSA over!)

I love nothing more than a good convo about what we are putting on our faces/hair/bodies and what is or is not worth it — and we’ve gotten lots of requests for a Beauty Product Chat lately, including about this very sale! So here we are! Personally, I just use this particular sale to (a) stock up on stuff I already know I need/like/will use and (b) to buy tiny baby samples of stuff I might want, since Sephora does usually sell a travel size of whatever, and (c) maybe to buy gifts, if I have my life in order enough to start thinking about holiday shopping at the beginning of November, which, let’s be honest, is doubtful. (Having said that, doesn’t someone’s aunt need this L’Occitane hand cream sampler? IT’S SO CUTE AND FRENCH LOOKING. Also, apparently Laneige has a gift box set and I am obsessed with Laneige so…. Also Summer Fridays has a box set, and I like their masks a lot, too. Maybe I will get my life in order enough to do this.)

Let’s see, what else? At the moment, I have transitioned from using the Dr. Bader on my face to using a slightly less but still quite pricy moisturizing situation in the form of Vintner’s Daughter; Sephora does not sell either of these, but they do sell Drunk Elephant, which makes my daytime face cream, so I’m going to rebuy that and be real annoyed that I just bought some like three weeks ago. (FWIW, I love the Bader, but it IS $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and it was, I think, giving me milia around my left eye. Only the left one! Keep being weird, face! The Vintner has a very strong smell, but I like said smell. It’s quite floral.) That Drunk Elephant also has a very neat dispenser and I am a sucker for that kind of thing.

I need new tweezers, so I’m going to buy another Tweezerman (they have a lifetime guarantee and the company will resharpen them for you but I think I lost mine?!?!!? This truly cannot stand. My chin hairs cannot be contained).

I love this Christophe Robin scalp scrub — I have gone through two jars, to the last drop — and also, in my experience, Olaplex is the real deal for delicate/processed/stressed out hair, and it’s also pricey, so time to stock up on that. I spend so much money on my dumb hair.

I am tempted to try Farmacy, because I feel like I’m seeing it on Instagram a lot, but I’d love some feedback from Fug Nation on that one. Y’all can influence me!  OMG and I need dry shampoo (also looking for recs there, since I feel like I’ve used 100 different ones; I generally like the Amika, but it is EXPENSIVE).

Finally, before I leave you to what I hope is a wide-ranging and fun discussion — what are you rubbing onto your corporal form to improve its appearance? What do you need recommendations for or have questions to throw to the Fug Nation Hive Mind?  What do you advise AGAINST buying? What would you steal if you had to? Etc. — I do ask that one of you please buy the gold Dyson dryer that comes with its own red leather carrying case and let me live vicariously through you.

FYI: GFY always uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. This post was NOT sponsored by Sephora. I WISH.