It’s fascinating to me how Dior seems incapable of getting the women to whom it is contractually wed to show up at its runway show on a regular basis. No Jennifer Lawrence (who hardly ever shows, not that I can totally blame her given that whenever she does, they make her wear a fringed cropped top or a heinous skirt/pant , or this thing), no Charlize, no Natalie Portman (who lives in Paris part of the year). It’s clearly not in their contracts, and feels so glaring compared to the Louis Vuitton front rows, which are always CHOCKABLOCK with the women who are paid to wear LV, including ones just as famous as J. Law. It seems like a hole in Dior’s boilerplate endorsement contract, but maybe I’d just be more of a hard-ass if I were in charge of these celebrity deals. “You’re getting seven million dollars for this, Jennifer! Coming to Paris for three days to sit in the front row of a fashion show won’t kill you. I can’t promise you won’t have to wear something sincerely bizarre, however. SEE YOU SOON. BYE.”

(Related: The apparently amazing Dior retrospective that was recently in Paris is coming to the V&A and if you don’t think I’ve been trying to figure out a “work reason” to go see it in London, you are wrong.)

[Photos:  David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock,  David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock]