This dress is plenty cute — I imagine Duchess Kate having fantasies of a sleeveless dress that evokes a military coat — and I’m delighted to show it to you, but it’s not specifically why I am fond of Tina today. She looks super, though, and for whatever it’s worth I’ve always thought Tina Fey has great legs. And they’re relevant because of what she wore on them later:

Concert For America Arrivals and Performances

I don’t know when she changed her footwear, but per our photo service, Tina did indeed ditch the heels for Star Wars Sperrys. Specifically, ones in which Han Solo is being super hot, and Chewy is sporting very lustrous hair indeed. (For some reason I can only find the women’s version on sale in Canada.) I know it can be tiresome these days that Star Wars appears everywhere, but dammit, these are from the O.G. movie and I am not mad at it. I also find it pretty relatable when a celeb plans ahead for arch pain, because it’s not like being famous suddenly gives you feet impervious to swelling. I can think of few people I’d invite to help ease that suffering as quickly as Young Han Solo.

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