Dollface. Look. Listen. I’m a big fan — I’ll NEVER shut up about how Ben and Kate was struck down prematurely; that show was great and you were great in it — and god knows I love a coat, and that’s a good one, but ya look like a flasher. Or like a woman whose house caught on fire and she had to throw on her coat and run out and the only shoes within reach were the heels she’d left by the front door when she came home the night before. EITHER WAY NOT GREAT.

This is not horrible:

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' TV show, Los Angeles, USA - 11 Oct 2018

I will never think a jumpsuit requires a train, and I implore it to pick a sleeve, but we’re been in darker trenches. (And I appreciate that those shoes must be comfy.)

Finally, this wasn’t in our subscription, but you need to see it:

I am….underwhelmed.

[Photos: TODD WILLIAMSON/January Images/REX/Shutterstock, REX/Shutterstock]