So, I don’t have CBS All Access, mostly because I resent that CBS is trying to make me pay for something in addition to something I already have on my TV, and because I pay for enough streaming shenanigans as it is. And the only time I regret this choice I’ve made out of spite and cheapness is when I think about The Good Fight, which I hear is fantastic, and which of course stars these two extremely competent, well-dressed, smart women. I mean, if someone printed out this photo and handed it to you and said, “do you want to spend time with these women, who are great at patterns and also at lipstick? They’re feisty lawyers!”, you would probably say, “yes, as long as they’re not suing me!” Because in fact I DO want that! Not enough to sign up for All Access, but I do.

[Photo by Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock]