I have to be honest: Much of this doesn’t work for me. Each piece seems to BELIEVE it is ever so chic, but that’s because it has not done any recent self-examination. Apparently it’s Thom Browne, which is a very curious match of celebrity and designer, and the net effect of this is not a successful sighting of his work in the wild. It’s a costume, and not a very good one. The jacket is drab: The sleeves seem a titch too short, and it misses on any of the particularly fashion-forward touches. For example, it buttons too high when it’s done up all the way, and the shape is just sort of… nothing. The skirt might actually BE from the uniform store of a nearby private school. The socks are a bizarre length, as if they were meant to be knee-high on a ten-year old, and the shoes are probably from a box at a costume store that says “Sexy [Fill In The Blank Yourself].”Sexy teacher, sexy umpire, sexy Halloween store clerk. Honestly, if I had held onto this picture until Nov. 1, and posted without comment, you’d have thought, “Oh, Kiernan went as Little Jenny Humphrey for Halloween, from before she discovered eyeliner.”

[Photo: InstarImages.com]