Listen, I know we already have a New Young Cruella — and I once got in a fight with one of my friends when he tried to tell me he didn’t like Emma Stone! — but if we didn’t, here she is! I gotta confess that I love this cover. She looks like an art deco dame, festive and rich, and this feels like the poster for a very glamorous movie that was an extremely expensive box-office bomb that nevertheless was incredibly influential for people’s aesthetics. Obviously, T&C has not let us down on the cover lines, either. OBVIOUSLY, I always want to read about extremely rich people going through nightmarish break-ups, AND I’m here for lost palaces!

The profile is enjoyable — definitely click through to see the rest of the shoot — in part because I think Dakota Johnson is actually just, like, funny and charismatic (and really good at giving an interview without giving away anything truly personal or even actually saying much at all)? I liked this bit:

Johnson was furnishing her Colorado home at the time, and when she discovered that [Olivia] Colman shared an obsession with interior design, the two spent hours on websites like 1stdibs and Chairish. A tufted pink velvet sofa now adorns Johnson’s living room. Perhaps something as quotidian as finding fabrics was the perfect release from such difficult subject matter? Colman says it’s a nice thought. “I should be saying that, but actually we just had such fun,” she tells me. “It’s often the case that if a film is about stuff that’s quite hard, you end up laughing a lot.”

Can someone please get working Sofa Shopping With Olivia Colman? Huge thanks.

[Photographed by: Amanda Demme  Styled by: Kate Young, assisted by Taryn Bossi Text and interview by:  Mickey Rapkin]