Sam from Ted Lasso has a name in real life, obviously — it is Toheeb Jimoh– but, much like how I see Roy Kent and just call him Roy Kent (see?) and think, “FUCK,” I can’t look at this gentleman without squealing, “Sam!” or even “Sam!!!” and sometimes “SAM!” I love his character so much, and the force of Toheeb Jimoh’s charisma — it’s somehow powerful and gentle all at once? — is unmatched. He looks great in this suit, and  with this obvious goodness and gentleness in a way that just… I can’t. Sam!!!!!!!!! I mean, please, I dare you to resist this:

'Landscapers' TV Show premiere, London, UK - 30 Nov 2021

His smile is a force of nature, and his suit — which looks fantastic on him — says, “Educate to liberate.” He is snazzy. I need to get in the habit of thinking of him as his own self, and not Sam, because that’s a lot of pressure to put on one person. But… Sam! The heart yells what it yells.

[Photos: David Fisher/Shutterstock]