When I first saw this gown, I thought there was a slit along the side, and that the inside of the black was lined with a matching fuchsia:

And I really LIKED that. Creative skirt linings are catnip to me (that is an INCREDIBLY specific thing, I realize, but if it helps it’s not the ONLY thing I like that much — others include sauces, a very cold Diet Coke from a can, Branston pickle on Double Gloucester cheese, almost anything Kenan Thompson or Aidy Bryant does on SNL, bathrobes, etc). It seemed like a fun way to jazz up a basic design, and I embraced it and then went to dinner.

When I came back, there were photos of the gown from the other side:

I think I still like it; I’m just recovering from it not being what I imagined. That is a lot of fabric — like a pirate who mis-measured when making his head kerchief from the sail of his enemy’s craft — but she still looks extremely fancy and pretty. And hell, long ponytails are apparently in right now if you believe Lorde and Katie Holmes from the Globes, so maybe this is Reese’s way of wearing one without the heavy extensions. (Please note,I also chose this photo to illustrate that the dress sometimes appears to be an entirely different COLOR than I first realized as well. I don’t know which is truer to life, but… honestly, I’m fine with either one.)

Are you WILD about this? HAR HAR.

  • If this were an ELECTION I would vote for it heartily. It is JUST LIKE HEAVEN. (32%, 1,144 Votes)
  • I WALK THE LINE between liking it and not liking it. It is PLEASANTVILLE and that's about it. (42%, 1,497 Votes)
  • If I could I would wish to THE MAN IN THE MOON to make some changes. (14%, 513 Votes)
  • This dress has CRUEL INTENTIONS and I so fail it. Please send it away to A FAR OFF PLACE. (9%, 337 Votes)
  • DESPERATE CHOICES: TO SAVE MY CHILD. ... I just wanted to bring that up. (2%, 57 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,548

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[Photos: Fame/Flynet]